Anti-abortion is bad

Anti-abortionists are pro-death

Anti-abortionists kill children

Anti-abortionists are from the same tribes (often monotheistic religious groups) as the awful people who are pro-genocide, pro-genital mutilation, pro-suicide bombing, pro-gun, pro-slavery, pro-racism. They are heartless haters. They must be defeated at the ballot box. They are immoral.

Antiabortionists are murderers

There is no question about this!

Anti-abortionists are all about control - they're NOT about life.

These extremists are not just harmless busy-bodies, these horrible anti-lifers want (wish for and "pray" for) the worst for all our lives and the absolute worst for all life on earth. They're "praying" for Armageddon.

THEY ARE NOT "pro-life"! Don't ever call an anti-abortionists pro-life.

They are hateful extremist hypocrites.

They deny our very lives and our own bodies. They feign concern for life.

See Labels and Messaging.

The good pro-abortionists who see the justice and goodness of abortion are the true pro-lifers.

For more good #1A signs - see

Anti-abortion is bad

anti-abortionists are controlling pregnant people

anti-abortionists are pro-forced-birth << THAT IS SO GROSS



forced birth


wage theft

they assume they know you best (they DON'T)

Republican death cult

kill babies << anti-abortionists support all the shitty policies that result in high infant mortality, and they have ZERO record of caring for the most vulnerable people especially after they're born

kill mothers

kill the planet (climate crisis deniers)

Human chattel


Death-Cult Republicans






grooming >> YOU MUST BE CIS GENDER or we'll take you away from your parents and worse. JFC! Talk about grooming!












forced births

forced travel










bad authoritarianism

bad tyrants

bad oligarchs


bad fascists

bad misogyny

bad patriarchy

bad theocracy

bad autocracy

Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement





Rape is about power and control.

So are abortion bans.

Keep abortion safe and legal.

Let us be free

We are NOT your infant factories

pro freedom

pro autonomy

pro healthcare

pro science

pro abortion

because freedom is good for everyone

because autonomy is good for everyone

because healthcare is good for everyone

because science is good for everyone

because abortion is good for everyone

Rich people will always be able to get abortions

Stop the war on the poor

Rich people with the financial means necessary to take time off work and travel to where abortion is available will always be able to get abortion care. People who have fewer resources will not be able to get abortion care. Anti-abortionists and Republican politicians are waging a war on the poor and the middle-class who need abortion care but cannot get it. We must defeat Republicans at the ballot box and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot because Democrats will change the laws to make good abortion care available to everyone who needs it.

Vote for Democrats.

Prohibition doesn't work

Bad, dangerous, and deadly consequences of no abortion

septic shock is deadly

ectopic pregnancy is deadly

back-alley, unsafe, dangerous abortions can cause physical, mental, and emotional trauma, stress, and DEATH

If abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either

Abortion Freedom NOT Prohibition

You can't make me

people are autonomous

people are not your policy

people are not slaves to make babies for you

No stigma necessary

end the stigma of abortion

abortion is good

end abortion stigma


You will never stop abortion, you will only stop safe abortions

Abortion is good and we need them, so never prohibit them

Re-Thug-Lie-Cons just suck

The Republican politicians want one thing: To make rich people richer. They do this by dominating the poor and working classes.

Here is a list of some of the shittiest shit they've done. They don't care about us.

Horrifying hypotheticals

The Republicans are coming for more. When Republicans can force us to give birth, then they can force us to do many other things

  • preventing trans people from the right to transition

  • forcing people to get abortions if they think that person shouldn't be pregnant

  • forcing sterilization

  • organ harvesting

  • forced blood donation

  • slavery

  • take away our birth control

If we don't protect the right to make our own decisions about our own bodies and our own medical decisions, then the Republicans can make other decisions about our bodies. They can deny us life-saving care in other circumstances. They can keep us alive against our will.

This whole battle is for our own bodily autonomy.

We must have it.

Republicans also are going to take away

  • Medicare

  • Social Security

  • right to gay marriage

  • gun safety

  • voting rights

and so much more. Republicans are horrible and we must use every tool we have to stop them especially by voting them OUT of office.

BTW anti-abortionists love their fucking guns and their racism

You will never stop abortion, you will only stop safe abortions

Pregnant people are going to die from unsafe abortions, hospitals that won't treat sick and dying pregnant people (for fear of lawsuits if their treatment saves the mother but the fetus is no longer viable), and other horrifying hypotheticals. Forced birth, forced malpractice, and forced death. This battle will wage on with every pregnancy. We must provide pregnant people with all necessary healthcare and all the good abortion care they need.


Banning abortion care hurts children

What about States Rights?

When you hear antiabortionists bring up the "States Rights" argument know that you're almost always hearing about taking away rights.

Nobody who is bringing up the "States Rights" argument, especially regarding abortion, is doing so because they want less control.

States Rights people are also in favor of the wealthy and privileged subjugating other people to keep them economically disadvantaged and struggling. This is especially true of states forcing people to give birth against their will.

Abortion rights are human rights and all 50 states must provide good abortion care.

Map: 23 states would ban abortion in a post-Roe America

Abortion rights would be up to the states if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Two dozen states and territories would ban it immediately, and 13 have “trigger laws” waiting for the ruling.

The Following are Examples of How Anti-Abortion and Anti-Abortionists are Bad and Wrong

Anti-Abortionists are Bad and WRONG. They Must Be Defeated by electing Pro-Abortion Politicians. ABORTION IS GOOD!

A Catholic Hospital Almost Let a Woman Die From a Miscarriage Due to Religious Restrictions

Anti-abortionist had to flee her home state to get an abortion Another story about a Republican who finally wakes up after a life of "It doesn't matter until it matters to me"-ism. No mention of the women who don't have rich relatives they can tap who will die when they find themselves in the same situation.


Unproven, unethical, inconclusive study turns into laws that hurt pregnant people seeking GOOD abortion care

Anti-abortion politics are REPUBLICAN politics. So vote for Democrats.

Anti-abortion politics are far right politics

by Megan Lessard

Megan Lessard describes the history of the anti-abortion movement in the U.S. and explains that it is an important part of the growing threat posed by the far right.

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Delete Facebook - Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion

abortion is good
anti-abortion is bad
protect abortion








abortionisbad (NOT!)

antiabortionisgood (NOT!)

pro-abortionisbad (NOT!)

antiabortionisgood (NOT!)

anti-abortionisgood (NOT!)

antiaboritionistsaregood (NOT!)

anti-aboritionistsaregood (NOT!)