Politics = POWER

How to win abortion power

Vote for DEMOCRATS + Win ELECTIONS = Get POWER to pass good laws for people and the planet

By spreading the message that abortion is good

By spreading the message that the Republican anti-abortion death cults are killing people << they are letting pregnant people just die

By being pro-abortion

By being pro-bodily-autonomy

By never being afraid to say the word abortion

By never being afraid to say abortion is good

By saying "I like abortion because it's good"

By saying abortion is a very good thing

By electing Democrats

Every 2 years (and sometimes at other times) we have an election in this country for various local, state, and federal lawmakers who represent us

Every 2 years we can change everything by electing more and more Democrats

We can register our friends and family to vote for Democrats

We can get everyone to the polls and elect Democrats

Then the winning Democratic elected officials can pass laws that save the lives of all the pregnant people in this country who need safe free/affordable accessible abortion care for any reason

The Democrats must win power to pass good legislation for people and the planet

At the midterms on Tuesday November 8th, 2022, here are the seats we can win:

Vote for Democrats

Check your voter registration early and often! https://www.vote.org/

REGISTER TO VOTE with your correct address

Know where you can early vote < Voting early is a great way to vote!

Know where your precinct is if you vote on election day

Nobody needs Republicans because Republican politicians are bad for everyone


They're killing us.

They don't want any of the good things abortion gives us.

They want to kill us.

Republicans are bad for everyone because Republican policies are bad.

They want one thing - to make rich people richer. They are greedy horrible people hiding behind fetuses

Vote them out.

How to help

Elect pro-abortion Democrats for every election

The choice is clear. The Republican party, the Republican politicians, and many of their Republican constituents hate women, pregnant people, and children, especially poor people and BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities. They don't respect teachers, scientists, and they don't even support our veterans or our very democracy (See https://january6th.house.gov/). The Republican party sucks.

The GOP "Greed Over People" party must be defeated at the ballot box.

We must decimate them in the November 8th, 2022 midterms.

Vote for Democrats and up and down the ballot.

Get thee to your Democratic Headquarters

Go to your precinct, your county, your state, and your national Democratic organization headquarters and offer to help. Give your time, your money, your skills, your support! Help them get Democrats elected. Help register voters. Help get out the vote. Help poll-watching.

Help electioneering at the polls << you know them - they're the people with the pamphlets when you're walking into vote, handing out the sheet with the info about who to vote for, with little sample ballots filled in with the left-most Democratic candidate who can win in that race from dog-catcher to US Senator <Need to add the citation about how critical this is - this helps people vote for the correct judge, county commissioner, agriculture (often people don't know about these important races)>

Neutrality helps the oppressor

Be a proud Democrat

Pick a side

There is no non-partisan side of the football game!

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and unlimited campaign financing by billionaires have tilted the playing field against Democrats.

We're running up hill.

So we need your help more than ever.

Every card-carrying Democrat who is singing the praises of the Democratic party and helping us expose, shame, and "hit back" at the horrifying Republicans makes this battle more fair for the Democratic side. STAND WITH US. HELP US WIN.

It's a tug of war! Which side of the rope are you pulling on?

Support pro-abortion groups

Send $$$ money - donate time - offer your help! Learn about their programs. We need to learn what they've learned.


Planned Parenthood

Support Planned Parenthood. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/

NARAL Pro-Choice America

National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)


National Organization for Women


National Abortion Federation


Center for Reproductive Rights

National Abortion Federation

We testify



Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights

Abortion On Demand & Without Apology


deeds not words


Outside USA


Another great list of resources - https://www.ineedana.com/advocacy including #ExposeFakeClinics - A campaign to help combat fake clinics by writing factual reviews online.

The #1 most powerful group for supporting everything we care about is the Democratic party.

Why? Because elected officials have all the power to pass all the laws.

Here's the equation:

Vote for Democrats + Win Elections = Get POWER to pass good laws for people and the planet

State legislatures and Governors are often even more important than the US Congress and the President. State legislatures pass state laws and determine the penalties for breaking those laws. Make sure your state legislature is run by a majority of Democrats.

The #1 most powerful group for supporting women's rights is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for supporting reproductive rights is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for protecting workers' rights is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for gun reform is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for solving the climate crisis and forwarding green energy policy is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for voting rights is the Democratic party.

The #1 most powerful group for taxing the rich more is the Democratic party.


Labels and Messaging

What to call Anti-Abortionists and what NEVER to them (can you guess?)

Never never NEVER call the anti-abortionists "pro-life" << they're the farthest thing from supporting life! See more at anti-abortion is bad

Call them what they are anti-abortionists

Interrupt people who say "pro-life" and say "excuse me, you mean you're talking about the anti-abortionists, right? - because I just want to be clear who you're referring to. You mean the people who are against abortion even though we've proven over and over that abortion is good, and they're against that good thing - so they're the anti-abortionists - you're talking about those people who are against all the good things, right? I mean because when you inaccurately refer to them as pro-life, that is VERY misleading, because as a matter of fact the people who are against abortion are often against many life-saving laws and services (like science, vaccines, and sensible gun laws). So I think you meant to say "anti-abortionists" or the "Against-Good-Things" people, or even the "Pro-Killing-People" people - because that's who they are. Please confirm you'll refer to them as the anti-abortionists for the remainder of this conversation and in print."

Never let anyone get away with calling them anything but anti-abortionists and remind them that the anti-abortionists, by being so, are being against an obviously good thing that everyone needs. Abortion is a life-saving medical procedure. And the anti-abortionists are against that.

Being "against abortion" is like being against clean air, clean water, and nourishing food. Don't allow them to take our lives. And don't allow them to hide behind that fraudulent "pro-life" label.

Anti-abortionists are PRO-DEATH: They kill women and destroy families. They kill opportunities. They imprison and arrest people who are just going about their own business.

Anti-abortionists are a death cult

Anti-abortionists must be stopped

Anti-abortionists are tyrants

Anti-abortionists are anti-lifers

Anti-abortionists are baby killers!




Cruel and controlling

pro-forced childbirth

pro-dominance over people's bodies


Pro-clump of cells



Republican Religious Rapist Theocrats Rob & Steal Our Freedom Autonomy and Democracy! FIRE THEM ALL FROM OFFICE.

Republicans force, enslave, kill mothers, imprison, hate, lie, and they're a death cult

The Horrifying Republican Death Cult Enslaves People, Forces Birth, Imprisons, Arrests, Murders, Kills Mothers, Restricts Freedom, Hates People, Lies, Tortures, and Riots (including against our Capitol).

Republicans are religious zealots hateful loser tyrants

Pro-Abortion Label

See What to call Pro-Abortionists

More Pro-Abortion Messaging

Abortion saves lives

Keep abortion safe and accessible

Abortion is essential

Real patriots stand for abortion freedom

Democrats stand for abortion rights

Democrats = Freedom, Autonomy, Life, Economic Stability, Rule of Law, Justice

Vote for Democrats for Freedom, and Autonomy! The Entire Ballot.

Hey, YOU! You anti-abortionists, YOU WON'T WIN! Mind your own business. Abortion is GOOD.

Vote for Freedom Loving Democrats

"Republicans just left her to die"

Example of a BAD, WEAK, STUPID pro-abortion message (no matter what The Atlantic says "worked" in Ireland)

This whole thing about "Safe, Legal, and Rare" is BS!


First of all - Safe << YES - absolutely, because all necessary medical procedures must be made safe and accessible.

But these other two have problems.


    • Abortion should be as legal as chemotherapy is legal

    • We shouldn't have to fight for the legal right to have HEART SURGERY or MASTECTOMIES

    • Abortion is a medical procedure that should fall under the same rules as other normal, LIFE SAVING medical procedures - there should be NO additional legal requirements for it

    • We don't have a law saying you CAN have a KNEE REPLACEMENT. And we don't have laws saying "You can have a KNEE REPLACEMENT, but only if you're under or over a certain age, and only if you have a BMI below 30, and only if you wait 24 hours before getting one" - - - FFS!

    • Abortion must be as legal as all the other medical procedures that enjoy their autonomy and freedom in the medical canon available at all medical locations that provide medical care similar in complexity.


    • Rare? Says who? Abortion happens naturally all the time. Is someone counting our abortions?

    • Yeah, yeah, I know. They mean "Rare" because all the necessary systems are in place that keep the numbers of abortions low. e.g. free abundant contraceptive options, accurate obtainable sex education, good healthcare so when people get pregnant they are more likely to have healthy pregnancies, and good social services that support people facing unintended, un-supportable, but wanted children - yadda yadda - but we should have all those things ANYWAY. We shouldn't have those systems in place just to keep abortions "rare." JFC!

    • And I'm sure you've noticed? The same people who don't want abortion also don't want any of those systems that would help lower the number of abortions or make it easier to have a baby, raise a baby, care for a whole person for possibly their whole lives. Hypocrites every one.

...bad Arguments Like this one

The Atlantic article says to "Resist Polarization" - that we should bow to the people who don't want abortion.

<sarcasm> That's effing rich. </sarcasm>

When we're the ones protecting their fundamental freedoms and their rights to live with their own bodily autonomy.

We must never stoop to their level.

Abortion is good and we can stand in that and win.

Make them defend why they insist on a deadly horrible corrupt unfair policy that threatens lives. Make them defend their bad position of control and forced-birth. Let them try. They cannot.


"In the U.S., there has never been a better slogan for defending abortion rights than “safe, legal, and rare.” << THIS IS complete bullshit

NO NO NO NO NO - as much as i HATE repeating their propaganda - this is total BS. This makes us live on the fucking edge as they chip away at the teeny tiny footing we've managed to get. And then they keep pushing us off anyway.

There shouldn't have to be a law FOR abortion. There isn't a law FOR heart surgery. Why are they controlling us?

There should be laws that REQUIRE hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to provide the full range of all necessary medical procedures, including abortions. Why are lawmakers (elected politicians) allow pregnant people to be so blatantly discriminated against? We must have laws that equalize the healthcare we receive at all medical institutions. NO EXCEPTION FOR ABORTION CARE.

And medical facilities that cannot save our lives in these TOTALLY NORMAL LIFE-THREATENING circumstances should pay the steepest penalties if they violate our bodily autonomy by denying us access and care.

Abortion is good

Abortion is good and we need it.

Every Hospital and Clinic in USA should provide the best possible abortion care available to SCIENCE

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion


The First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  1. no religion

  2. free speech

  3. freed press

  4. peaceful assemblies

  5. can petition

The USA is not a Christian nation


Separation of State and Church

The U.S. Constitution is a secular document. It begins, "We the people," and contains no mention of "God" or "Christianity." Its only references to religion are exclusionary.





Vote for Democrats to protect our REAL democracy that has NOTHING to do with Christianity.

Get help

The Christian god is a sadistic psychopath

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Christofascism is errant

Vote them out of our government

They're wrong

They're errant!

NRA is errant

KKK is errant

FOX (FAKE FAUX "news" (infotainment) FOX FICTION) is errant

GOP is errant

They are wrong wrong wrong

Vote them out.

Help Democrats get elected because the Republican anti-abortion death cult must be stopped.

abortion is good
anti-abortion is bad
protect abortion








abortionisbad (NOT!)

antiabortionisgood (NOT!)

pro-abortionisbad (NOT!)

antiabortionisgood (NOT!)

anti-abortionisgood (NOT!)

antiaboritionistsaregood (NOT!)

anti-aboritionistsaregood (NOT!)