Abortion is good

Abortion is good and we need it. Abortion is good because abortion is necessary, essential, life-saving, scientific, normal, natural, private, healthy, and vital. We refer to safe, accessible, free/affordable, medically-supervised abortion care and aftercare. On demand. Without apology. Abortion is good because all the following things are good things

Be pro-abortion because abortion is good.

Abortion is good and we need it. 

abortion is good 

say it again 

abortion is good 

it is 

abortion is good healthcare 

abortion is health 

abortion is good health 

abortion is life-saving 

abortion is power 

abortion is a good life-saving medical procedure 

abortion is vital 

abortion is necessary 

abortion is good liberty 

abortion is good liberation 

abortion is good science 

abortion is personal 

abortion is autonomy 

abortion is good autonomy 

abortion is good bodily autonomy  

abortion is good because abortion is essential 

abortion is good mental health 

abortion is good equality  

abortion is good security 

abortion is good financial stability 

abortion is good financial security 

abortion is valuable 

abortion is fearless 

abortion is good for careers 

abortion is good because safe abortion saves lives  

abortion is freedom  

abortion is life-affirming 

abortion is good freedom 

abortion is good for our lives

abortion is good for parents  

abortion is good for our bodies 

abortion is good because it gives patients and their families what they need 

abortion is good privacy 

abortion is selfless

abortion is compassionate

abortion is friendly

abortion is generous

abortion is egalitarian 

abortion is good for our world 

abortion is good for our planet 

abortion is good for our big blue cosmic spaceship made out of stardust 

abortion is harmony 

abortion is good for women 

abortion is good for men 

abortion is good for non-binary people 

abortion is good for LGBTQIA+ persons 

abortion is good for children 

abortion is good for children's books 

abortion is good for the authors of children's books

abortion is good families  

abortion is good communities  

abortion is good for families 

abortion is good for communities 

abortion is a good necessary medical procedure 

abortion is good for architects 

abortion is good for due process (see 14th amendment) - protects individual rights from interference by the states   

abortion is good precedent

abortion is kind

abortion is a kindness  

abortion is a right 

abortion is a good civil right 

abortion is human right 

abortion is empowering 

abortion is good for cat owners 

abortion is a good human right 

abortion is maturity 

abortion is good family planning 

abortion is good planned parenthood 

abortion is good parenthood 

abortion is a good prerogative 

abortion is good independence 

abortion is good self-governance 

abortion is powerful 

abortion is good self-determination 

abortion is good self-rule 

abortion is good self-sufficiency 

abortion is good self-respect 

abortion is good consent 

abortion is consensual between a patient and their doctor 

abortion is good public safety 

abortion is good organization 

abortion is good for dancers 

abortion is good parenting 

abortion is good for dog owners

abortion is good for babysitters  

abortion is good for the economy 

abortion is good nurses  

abortion is good escorts  

abortion is good for fire and rescue squads 

abortion is really good protest signs in favor of abortion (unfortunately we still need these - but too few of them say Abortion is Good - so let's make a fuck ton and carry them everywhere until we get all our rights back and more) 

abortion is good expression of the 14th amendment 

abortion is normalcy  

abortion is good solutions 

abortion is good tradition 

abortion is good balance  

abortion is good medicine  

abortion is good for pilots and chefs 

abortion is good doctors  

abortion is good fairness  

abortion is good helpers  

abortion is good for people who like aquariums 

abortion is natural  

abortion is good for carpenters 

abortion is normal 

abortion happens naturally all the time  

abortion is good safety 

abortion is good for society  

abortion is good opportunity 

abortion is good consistency 

abortion is good reality 

abortion is good consideration 

abortion is good logic 

abortion is good for horse lovers 

abortion is good sense  

abortion is good accuracy   

abortion is good relief  

abortion is good for computer programmers 

abortion is good option  

abortion is good choice  

abortion is good caring  

abortion is good free speech  

abortion is good systems  

abortion is good for life 

abortion is good for scuba divers 

abortion is good values 

abortion is good planning 

abortion is good lessons 

abortion is a good decision 

abortion is good for education 

abortion is good futures 

abortion is good pasts 

abortion is good safety 

abortion helps people get out of already untenable situations and doesn't make matters worse by bringing an unwanted pregnancy to term. 

abortion is good lives 

abortion is the good life 

abortion is good for educators 

abortion is good access 

abortion is good stability 

abortion is good sex 

abortion is good for landscapers 

abortion is good for sex 

abortion is good because it is anti-patriarchy - reminder that patriarchy is bad because patriarchy is inequality

abortion is good for sex lives 

abortion is good for good sex lives 

abortion is good for sex workers 

abortion is good religious freedom  

abortion is good compassion  

abortion is good for business owners 

abortion is good sensibility 

abortion is workable

abortion is workability 

abortion is good feminism 

abortion is good for wanted-ness 

abortion is good healthy communities 

abortion is good for daycare centers 

abortion is good for people in difficult relationships by not making matters worse by adding unwanted children 

abortion is good decisions 

abortion is good medicine 

abortion is good medical practice 

abortion is good like heart-surgery, kidney replacement, cancer treatment, and other life-saving treatments are good 

abortion is good communication  

abortion is good for nursing homes 

abortion is good civics 

abortion is good for travelers 

abortion is good for love 

abortion is good for youtubers 

abortion is good democracy 

abortion is good for our democracy 

abortion is patriotic 

abortion is virtuous 

abortion is life

abortion is liberty

abortion is the pursuit of happiness

abortion is democratic 

abortion is good because it honors and credits patients and their doctors for well-made personal, professional, and life-saving medical decisions 

anything good you can say is good about life, e.g. art, love, nourishment, play, joy, peace, bliss, happiness, invention, sex, accomplishment, satisfaction, discovery, pleasure, growth, connection, etc, you can say is good about abortion, because abortion makes good lives possible 

ABORTION IS GOOD - don't let anyone tell you otherwise 

Always start with "their premise is a lie" while remembering our premise that abortion is good is factual 

They're liars. Yadda yadda murder, yadda yadda heartbeats, yadda yadda morality, it's all total BS

Even if their premise weren't a lie (and it ALWAYS is), just remembering this rule will help you not to assume that their premise is true.  

Remember that they're just outright lying because they're hellbent on control. They're often religious and religion is a total lie too. Our US Constitution created our SECULAR government. You're not beholden to anyone else's religion. 

So pivot back to abortion is good and make them stand on our turf - the place where the GOODNESS is

Make them wrong for not wanting good things for people and the planet. 

Because if they're anti-abortionists, then they are wrong, and they don't want good things. They want really BAD things. Hitler-bad kind of things

In the court of public opinion. By saying often and easily that abortion is good.

We must defeat them! Especially at the ballot box. The anti-abortionists are the enemy. So vote for Democrats to defeat the Republican White Nationalist Christofascist anti-abortionists

And we must defeat them in the court of public opinion. By saying often and easily that abortion is good.

Better Pro-Abortion Messaging 

So "Abortion is good and we need it!" is a much better message!

"That thing you hate is really great!" 

Abortion is good 

Abortion is necessary 

Keep saying it 

We don't have a law that allows you to get heart-surgery, so we shouldn't need a law that allows you to get an abortion 

Stop controlling women 

Vote for Democrats UP AND DOWN the ballot (local, state, federal) for freedom and equality 

It has come to this. We're exercising our 1st Amendment rights because we cannot carry a sign like this in Russia. The Authoritarian Oligarch Tyrants don't allow freedom of speech.  Vote for Democrats because you cannot hold this sign in Russia! Watch this video of a Russian protester holding up sign saying ‘Two Words’ and she is marched away by armed police immediately!  https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-woman-protest-blank-sign-arrest-b2035270.html   

Abortion is good because abortion makes good lives possible  

Vote for Democrats for Bodily Autonomy 

What to call Pro-Abortionists

We are Pro-Abortion  <<  We must normalize saying Pro-Abortion

We've been on the ropes about this for 50 years. << And we've lost a lot ground at every step. And now (May. 2022..June 2022...July 2022....August 2022....)  we're out of runway. 

We must say we are pro-abortion because abortion is good. Abortion is good and we need it. So we are pro-abortion. 

I'm Pro-Abortion because abortion is good. I'm pro-abortion because abortion is good and we need it. 

I'm Pro-Abortion because abortion, abortion pills, and - when necessary - the skilled medical professionals who perform abortions up to and including to save our lives are all very good, necessary, and life-affirming medical procedures!   

Pro-Abortion Rights  << this is okay - but it is not the same as normalizing the goodness of abortion itself. This is what we've failed to do since 1973, and we must do it now. Abortion itself is a VERY GOOD thing. And we need to unapologetically acknowledge that and talk about THAT. 

Pro-Choice << I, personally, will never say this again, but you can. But remember, this is not what we've been fighting about, and all the years fighting in this space has led to failure. 

Pro-Bodily-Autonomy << this is very good too. 

We all (both for and against) should always have the choice (the bodily autonomy), of course! 

But we on the "for" side need to get REALLY good at saying why we're on the "for" side of bodily autonomy and good abortion care

Why are we for abortion? Because abortion is good. It's a good thing. And we need it. If you take it away, then you're killing us. Abortion is a normal necessary medical procedure. It is good, it is healthcare, it is essential, and we need it. Then ask them, how will you make sure we keep having these good things we get from abortion?  

Most people who need abortions are already parents.

Abortion is good

This website stands for nothing less than safe accessible free abortion on demand in the U.S.A. and around the world because abortion is good and we all need it. 


The Abortion Providers


Feminist Frequency


Feminist Frequency reviews Eliza Hittman’s critically-acclaimed, profoundly affecting 2020 film, NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS  


14th Amendment 


Liberty and justice 


Stop Legislators from Practicing Medicine without a license! 


A policy resolution calling for the American Academy of Family Physicians to support litigation to block implementation of state and/or federal laws that restrict the privacy of physician-patient-family relationships and/or violate the First Amendment rights of physicians in their practice of medicine. Originally drafted in 2012 by RHEDI. 


Samantha Bee

Full Frontal Rewind: The Ultimate Case for Abortion Rights


Rebecca Watson

Why We Must Keep Abortion Safe, Legal, and Accessible


If you're voting against healthcare and if you're voting against good abortion care, then you're not a real American

Abortion is a fundamental freedom. 

Abortion is patriotic because it is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is freedom. 

Trying to take away abortion is fascism. 

So stop being fascist. 

Be a good American and let us ALL be free. 

Abortion is good like heart surgery is good

When I originally went searching for "Abortion is good" I found this article.  https://secularhumanism.org/2016/07/cont-why-i-am-pro-abortion-not-just-pro-choice/ 

I had just screamed out loud (to no one in particular) "Abortion is good like heart surgery is good," so imagine how validated I felt when I read this article. You should read it too! It's GOOD.  Like abortion. 

Celebration! Joy! This is the best thing for me! 

https://shoutyourabortion.com/ Shout your abortion 


#ShoutYourAbortion #ShoutYourAbortion 

#ShoutYourAbortion #ShoutYourAbortion #ShoutYourAbortion  

#ShoutYourAbortion #ShoutYourAbortion  


Good signs about abortion is good

The Republicans who are against good abortion care also don't want me to hold this sign. 

All our rights are on the chopping block. 

Protect the First Amendment. 

March and Stand for our Rights. 

Vote for Democrats to protect the first amendment

Vote for Democrats for Freedom

Vote for Democrats for Autonomy

Vote for Democrats for Democracy 

Vote for Democrats for Healthcare

Vote for Democrats for Prison Reform 

Vote for Democrats for the Rule of Law 

Vote for Democrats for the Peaceful Transfer of Power 

Don't like abortion? Don't have one. 

Republicans let her die. 

Republicans left her to die. 

Freedom not prohibition. 


Tweets about abortion is good

I like availability to necessary healthcare.

"I like abortion. I like appendectomies. I like all necessary healthcare." 

Contraceptives are good too and we need them

So of course the WRONG-WING Republican Death cult is coming for our birth control. 

So - Register to vote - and VOTE for DEMOCRATS 

Plan B

We need this too - so of course the White Supremacists Republican politicians are taking it away! We need Plan B. 



Abortion Is Good For America--And The World

by Bob O'Connor

Examples of Abortion is Good

Abortion Rights Are Good Health and Good Science


"Don't have sex if you don't want to get pregnant" is the epitome of easier said than done. "Punishing people for engaging in a behavior that is part of human nature is sort of like saying, 'If you don’t want to have nightmares, just don’t sleep,'" says Dr. Torres. "You can take precautions, but nothing in this world is foolproof—even sterilization fails." Dr. Stanwood agrees, adding that "choosing abortion can be the most responsible thing some women can do." 

14 Abortion Facts Everyone Should Know

Destigmatizing Abortion: Being Pro-Abortion is Good, Actually!

Abortion is Good for Children. You Heard Right.


A great article about 

Where to get a good abortion?

In a real compassionate sane world that truly cared about people, the answer would be "Every Hospital, Every Clinic, Every Pharmacy, EVERYWHERE"

Abortion care "should be" ubiquitous because everyone needs good abortion care. Unfortunately right now we don't have a sane country that treats pregnancy like the life-threatening medical condition it can often be. 

 So this page is to help people find care somewhere and resources to help get you what you need.


Seek real abortion care! 



The DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) 1-800-772-9100  https://dupontclinic.com/resources/ 

I need an abortion - https://www.ineedana.com     





















Baltimore Abortion Fund


The Baltimore Abortion Fund is a non-profit organization that helps pregnant individuals afford their abortion care. Helpline: (443) 853-8445. 





Missouri https://www.rightbyyou.org/abortion-care  




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals 



abortion is good
anti-abortion is bad 
protect abortion








abortionisbad (NOT!) 

antiabortionisgood (NOT!) 

pro-abortionisbad (NOT!) 

antiabortionisgood (NOT!)

anti-abortionisgood (NOT!)

antiaboritionistsaregood (NOT!)

anti-aboritionistsaregood (NOT!)